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Seahorse Waterproof Equipment Cases

Made in the USA

Seahorse Cases are built tough to withstand the harsh world of transit. With a lifetime guarantee seahorse cases are strong enough to be shipped, yet light enough to be carried. Highly recommended for environments that demand only the best and most durable products. These cases meet the military's strict guidelines for transport cases so you can be sure that you're getting only the best.

Case Dimensions
SE-120 7.30" x 5.00" x 3.23"
SE-120FGP GoPro Case
SE-300 9.60" x 7.42" x 4.00"
SE-300FP1 Holds 1 Pistol
SE-430 11.17" x 8.27" x 5.65"
SE-520 13.50" x 9.80" x 6.00"
SE-540 13.50" x 9.80" x 8.75"
SE-540FP4 Holds 4 Pistols
SE-630 16.02" x 11.60" x 6.22"
SE-710 18.29" x 13.19" x 4.57"
SE-710CC Laptop Case
SE-710FLO Laptop Case


18.29" x 13.19" x 6.62"

SE-720CC Laptop Case
SE-720FLO Laptop Case
SE-830 19.50" x 11.00" x 6.50"
SE-920 22.24" x 13.66" x 8.49"

24.87" x 18.50" x 13.08"

SE-1530 44.50" x 14.29" x 6.22"

Seahorse Cases

Seahorse cases are manufactured from a light weigh material built to last. Each Seahorse case comes with a lifetime guarantee so you will never have to buy another case. These protective cases are made in the United States and are consistently used by our armed forces. That's because all seahorse cases meet military standard requirements. Seahorse cases are waterproof to a depth of 30 feet due to their o-ring seal. That makes seahorse the perfect case for humid, harsh conditions including swamps, jungles and beaches. With a seahorse case you can rest assured knowing your product is protected by only the best. Put your trust in a waterproof case and travel worry free. These cases are not only waterproof, but are ATA approved for shipping. In other words Seahorse cases are built to be shipped no matter how harsh the conditions may be. When shipping is particularly rough Seahorse cases will perform. Consider purchasing a seahorse case with a foam interior for more protection. The soft foam cushion will give your gear the edge it needs when transporting. Combine the foam with the tough outer polycarbonate shell and the sensitive equipment is guaranteed to last. Seahorse Cases can be appreciated by professionals, and used by novices. Sold worldwide Seahorse equipment cases will last forever. For added security, all cases come with a padlock hole which accepts standard sized locks. So no matter where your travels take you, your equipment will be protected from rough handling and thieves. You can never be too prepared which is why Seahorse cases exist.

Seahorse Cases are Unbreakable, Waterproof, & have a Lifetime Guarantee

Seahorse cases come in a variety of sizes to choose from so there should be one to suit your needs. The hurricane series by Seahorse offers 14 different models all which will serve you well. For airline travelers the Seahorse 920 is airline carry on. In fact this case is the largest airline carry-on case allowed, so you can maximize your space. An unbreakable laptop carrying case is also available for the business traveler. No matter where your destination may be, you'll be prepared with the ultimate transport case.



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